Our N Scale layout depicts a fictional coal-mining operation, whose output feeds a power plant for the hill-country area it serves. The tipple at the mine loads the cars, and the train leaves on its journey, across the high trestle over the river and down through several tunnels to the river valley, where it again crosses the river to climb to the power plant. The empty cars return over the same route to be filled again.

The railroad also serves several industries along the way, and a rural farming area on the plateau. It crosses under a busy highway bridge, where emergency vehicles are rushing to the scene of a fire. The railroad's locomotives and rolling stock are serviced in the yard located on the upper level, to your right. It is a full-service facility, with a turntable, roundhouse and deisel servicing stations. The local radio station has located its transmitter and tower on the highest point around, to better serve its listeners.

The era depicted is an unspecified time in the recent past. As with any model railroad, it is a work in progress, and will probably never be considered finished.

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